Our Values

OC Action is an AAPI-Latinx-Labor-Enviro Alliance leading Orange County’s progressive transformation in base building, governance, and beyond.

True Democracy

We believe in an Orange County that strengthens our democracy for all community members in Orange County and believe in breaking the existing barriers of disenfranchisement.

Just Transition / Recovery

We believe in transitioning from a fossil fuel economy to a renewable economy in a way that puts working families first. This means that the needs and history of local communities must be understood instead of blanket approaches that might not work in different neighborhoods.

Corporations have been polluting our neighborhoods for far too long. That needs to stop, and it starts with a Just Transition away from fossil fuels.

Housing is
a Human Right

We believe that housing is a human right in Orange County and that everyone deserves decent and affordable housing without the threat of displacement or incarceration.

Transformation of
Public Education

We believe that public education should be founded in the liberation of people. We believe in dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline – we can’t have an education system that continues to fail its students, making them end up in jails. Punitive procedures in schools must be replaced with a transformative practice.

We believe in exponential funding of public schools that can and will ensure that every student can meet their highest purpose.

Immigrant Justice

We believe that Orange County can be the regional example of building thriving immigrant lives, including dismantling and eliminating the threats of criminalization and deportation of our communities.

Healthy and
Thriving Lives

We believe that healthcare is a human right and a public good for all in Orange County. We believe that healthcare must address both systemic inequities of individual health, the mental health of all individuals surviving trauma and oppression.

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